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FTX 2022
June 29th to July 3rd, 2022
Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, FL 
Full Throttle Experience Begins
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High Achievers know that it is not just the tactics of success that makes the difference, it is a whole body approach...
Here's How You KNOW that 
You Are a High Achiever? 
  •  You are a VISIONARY. You dream, see and ask BIG.
  •  Sometimes you feel like an “Outlier, Outcast or Island” unto Yourself.
  •  Ordinary and regular are NOT in your vocabulary.
  •  GOAL SLAYER could be your nickname.
  •  Ongoing PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT is a necessity for you.
  •  There is ALWAYS something to do. You are NEVER bored.
  •  An average day for you is better than most people’s BEST DAY
  •  It seems that very few people can MATCH your passion and effort.
  •  You are VERY HARD on yourself to be the best you can be.
  •  It’s often easier to HELP OTHERS with their issues than to deal with your own.
If You Answered "Yes" to Any of These... 
FTX will feel like HOME and we will be like FAMILY...
“Delatorro is the most inspiring and Electrifying Speaker that you will ever be in the presence of... 
Legendary Speaker & Communicator
Les Brown
What You Can Expect At FTX 2022 LIVE...
After You Join Us At FTX 2022 LIVE, You Can...
  • Silence Your Inner Critic and Address Feelings of Unworthiness Once and For All
  • Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs and Develop a Success Mindset  
  • Expand Your Professional Network with Industry Leaders
  • Learn Proven Strategy to Significantly Multiply Your Income
  • Lead and Empower Teams of Any Size with Greater Clarity, Certainty and Confidence
  • Create Marketing Systems that Generate Revenue Again and Again
  • Diversify Your Product and Service Offerings To Maximize Revenue
  • Sell at Higher Price Points and Attract Ideal Clients
  • Resuscitate Your Personal Brand
  • And So Much More...
4 Time FTX Attendee Tell His Journey of High Achievement
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Who is 
Dr. Delatorro McNeal?
Dr. Delatorro McNeal is an internationally renowned Peak Performance Expert who’s delivered keynote speeches to a variety of entities across the globe. From major corporations, professional associations, and conventions to professional sports teams, churches, and leadership conferences. The Tampa, FL native was recently awarded with an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Philosophy and Humane Letters for his 20-year body of work in the Personal Development industry from Trinity Christian University’s Business Honors Program. 

Dr. McNeal holds a CSP designation, which is the highest international recognition of professional speaking excellence and is in the top 12% of paid professional speakers worldwide. He has been featured on national and worldwide television networks including FOX, ABC, NBC, BET, TBN, Daystar, and Oxygen. He has also graced The Today Show as a “Motivational Monday” guest, being interviewed by award winning journalists Al Roker and Sheinelle Jones. 

Having delivered more than 4,000 paid speaking presentations worldwide, authored eight books, and mentored more than 500 influencers through the Crush the Stage program, he constantly reminds audiences that the biggest room in the world is always room for improvement. His latest book, Shift Into A Higher Gear: Better Your Best and Live Life to the Fullest, published globally by Berrett Koehler and distributed by Penguin Random House, has been deemed as one of the Top 15 Business Books in the entire world. 

As the Founder of Platinum Performance Global, LLC, his organization partners with Fortune 500 corporations, professional associations, and entrepreneurs to drastically improve effectiveness, productivity, development, communication and more. 
Learn To Shift The Personal Gears
"Optimize the Individual"
  • Entrepreneurial Freedom - There is a Freedom that comes along with riding a motorcycle and the journey of owning your own business mirrors that freedom in many powerful ways. You will learn all about how to navigate your way to true personal freedom at FTX 2022. 
  • Take Personal Responsibility for your Life - At FTX we don’t believe in blaming others for how our life is, if we are going to blame them, we blame them fairly and equitably. Instead, at FTX we teach the importance of taking personal ownership and responsibility for making your life and profession better. 
  • Personal Growth - In 2022, personal growth has been reduced down to photo quotes on Social Media - but real personal growth means meeting new people, changing old mindsets, creating new habits, developing new systems and building new neural pathways of possibility in your mind and heart. All of this and more is taught and applied daily at FTX. 
  • ... and much, MUCH MORE!
You will have pages of Actionable Content that you can begin implementing immediately.
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(This will definitely sell-out soon)
“I transformed so much from this Event. 
I will never be the same"
FTX Venue Details
Dates: June 29th to July 3rd,2022
Location: "Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida "
  • FREE TROLLY SHUTTLE – There’s no need to rent a car or reserve an Uber. Free Trolly Shuttle can move you around 3 mile radius of beach.
  • FREE PARKING – July is the perfect time of year to explore Sheraton Sand Key Resort, Clearwater Beach, Florida. If you do rent a car, know that there is lots of FREE onsite parking at The Hilton Tampa Westshore.
  • FREE WIFI – We really want FTX 2022 to be a place where you can UNPLUG. However, for those moments when you need to check in, connect, take a selfie, and share your breakthroughs, there will be FREE WIFI in your guest room and in the conference area.
"This is the place to surround yourself with true go getters...''
Are you ready to Roll the Throttle in your Business...

Bonus #1: The FTX 2022 Experience Learning Guide

To ensure you capture every noteworthy moment of FTX 2022, you will receive a full-color instructionally designed spiral-bound FTX 2022 Experience Learning Guide. Your Guide is filled with bonus content, note pages, reflection sheets, exercises, activities, quotes and much, much more. Each page of the Guide is designed to deepen your learning and retention at the event, and ensure successful application for years to come. 

Bonus #2: The FTX 2022 Facebook Community

FTX goes far beyond shallow networking and business-card swapping. At FTX 2022, you will build mutually beneficial life-long connections with other High Achievers; connections that are genuinely rooting for your success. It all begins our FTX Facebook Community filled with powerful PRE and POST FTX engagement, encouragement and accountability.

Bonus #3 - The FTX 2022 Alter-Ego Costume Party

Every High Achiever has an alter-ego. Your alter ego is the superhero with whom you closely identify. I am Optimus Prime. At FTX 2022, we are not only discussing alter egos, but we’re also going to DRESS THE PART during Full Throttle Experience. Be sure to pack your superhero or super-shero costume. Get ready to go beyond the mask and to embody the best attributes of that persona for the rest of your life. 

Bonus #4 - The FTX Nighty Experiential Sessions

By day, the FTX 2022 main ballroom will be filled with high energy, tables, chairs, stage, lights, cameras and TONS of Action! At night, the tables and chairs are removed, and we take a DEEP DIVE into Experiential Learning with our signature Relationship Building and Board Breaking experiences. At FTX 2022 nightly sessions, the learning leaves the page, and we walk out REAL total-life transformation. Expect laughter and tears of joy. When we shift into HIGH GEAR, a breakthrough happens, and your life will never be the same. 

Bonus #5 - FTX 2022 Playlist

Every great event must have a Soundtrack! The music you hear during FTX 2022, is chosen specifically to facilitate laughter, healing, growth, and transformation. Each track will foster new neurological associations for you and will forever be associated with one of the best experiences of your life! Download Spotify. Our resident DJ has created an FTX 2022 playlist, and you get it FREE. (Although we do not own the rights to any of this music, we do own the right to use the music to change your life!)
Bonus - LIVE FTX 2022 PRE-Event Intention Call and POST-Event Accountability Call
Arriving at FTX 2022 with the “right” mindset and “heart set” will exponentially aid your transformation. 

One week before the event, Delatorro hosts a Pre-event Intention Call for all attendees. This call provided the blueprint for you to set your intentions prior to your arrival, and will ultimately ensure that you arrive ready to receive and share at 100%. 

 Additionally, one month after FTX 2022 ends, Delatorro conducts a Post-event Accountability Call. On this call you will hear reactions from attendees, post-event success stories, and are fueled for your next journey.
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